5 Powerful Ways To Use Instapaper To Save Articles


You may have a habit of surfing the Internet and coming across various articles that you want to save to read later. Yet how many times have you found one, not had the means to save it, and then could never find it again. The best way to avoid this is to use the Instapaper app. Here are five powerful ways to use Instapaper to save articles.

1. Download The App To Your Mobile Device

The first step in using Instapaper is to download it to your mobile device. The app is available for Androids, Kindles, iPhones and iPads and is always free to download.

2. Find Media You Are Interested In

To save your favorite articles for later on Instapaper, the first step is to find them online. The best part about this app is that in addition to letting you save articles to read it also lets you save song lyrics, recipes, videos and almost anything else to read or watch when you have the time to do so. All it takes is one click to save all the media you want for a time when you can enjoy it.

3. Sync What You Save

If you have, for example, both an iPhone and an iPad, you can save articles, videos and more to one device and sync them to the other device too. This means that if you start reading an article on your iPad and get interrupted you can read the rest later on, using your iPhone, or vice versa. Once you have saved media to access later, you can read it or watch it even if your device is not connected to the Internet.

4. Highlight Text You Want To Find Quickly

Depending on your style of reading you may want to highlight text in an article, such as a specific quote. Using Instapaper you can easily do this with any article that you come across and save. You can save your highlighted text and even post it to your social media accounts if you choose to.

5. Upgrade To Instapaper Premium

While it used to cost money to, you can now upgrade to the premium version of Instapaper for free. Using the premium version allows you to save as many articles or other media as you want. You can even create folders that you can use to sort the articles you save, making them easier to find later. With both versions of the app you can save an unlimited number of notes. The speed reading feature allows you to more quickly complete the articles you are interested in.


These are five of the most powerful ways to use Instapaper to save articles on your devices. Each one will change the way you surf the Internet and make finding, saving and reading online articles easier than it has ever been before. Using Instapaper is fun and easy to do and it can even help keep you organized and help you share articles of interest.


Here are five powerful ways to use Instapaper to save articles.

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