3 Ways to Get the My Favorites Toolbar Back for Safari


The 'My Favorites Toolbar' is an easy way to save all of your favorite listings and make them readily accessible. This is extremely convenient and eliminates the need to hound down favorite websites/files. However, some have had the displeasure of finding it missing. Where did it go, and why? It all depends on the type of program used. It is common for the favorites menu to disappear after a recent software update or to be moved into a discrete place. Listed below are ways to retrieve the 'My Favorites Toolbar' for Safari:

1. Update Issue-Safari 9

Many users who have updated to IOS 8.2 noticed their bar had vanished. One solution to this dilemma is to follow these steps: go to settings->safari->do not track->turn off. However, this may not work for all users.

2. Favorite Menu 'Grey Spot'

If there is a blank, grey area where the 'favorites menu' used to be, make sure your 'favorites toolbar' is enabled: settings-> Safari-> show favorites bar 'on', and then see if the correct files have been selected as favorites: settings-> Safari-> favorites? If both of these are enabled, then toggle the 'show' button on and off.

3. Time Machine File Method-Safari

Retrieving the 'favorites menu' for Safari is simple using Time Machine. To recover the favorites tab, first locate the finder tab. Click 'go' and then 'library' when the option key is selected (Note, hold the option key down in order for library to show.) After you have completed that, open the Safari folder to locate a file named 'Bookmarks.plist'. Safari saves this bookmark-containing file. Next, you will have to click on the icon for Time Machine. Review Time Machine files to locate the most recent "Bookmark.plist" Finally, click 'restore' and click 'replace the current file'

Missing Bookmarks

After you have recovered your 'favorites toolbar' it will most likely be missing bookmarks. If you are trying to redeem missing bookmarks on an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device then a recovery tool, iClouds, or iTunes will suffice. However, both the iCloud and iTune method of retrieving data will delete existing data on your iPhone. If this is not an option, use a third party recovery tool to redeem information.

iTunes Recovery- Your iTunes backup can be used to restore bookmarks if your iPhone is synced with it. However, you will first need to disable auto-sync.

iClouds Recovery- iCloud can be used to restore information, notably favorites and bookmarks when the date is saved on other Apple devices. Disable the internet in order to stop device synchronization.


An overview on 3 easy ways to retrieve the 'My Favorite Menu' on the Safari program for Apple devices.

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