Top Safari Extensions To Improve Your Browsing Experience


Safari is one of the most popular web browsers among those who use Mac operating systems, but there are ways to fine tune it and make it run just a little better. If you want to get the most out of your Safari browser then you may want to check out some of these great plug-ins and extensions. These will easily help build your browser, and some are so much fun you may just want to bookmark them in your favorites list Safari so you never forget them.


If you are tired of viewing content and videos every time you click on a link then you should definitely check out ClickToPlugin the Safari extension. Instead of your browser slowly loading because it is trying to deal with all of the plug-ins on the page, this handy extension simply blocks all of the content on a website that requires a plug-in. You can then make the choice to open the plug-in by clicking on it on your own. You can also customize it so that the sites on your favorites list Safari that you frequent are never blocked. This way you have more control of your browsing experience.


It's hard to debate the fact that Google rules when it comes to search engines but if you want a bit more privacy while you search the web it may be time to check out DuckDuckGo. This unique search engine does not record or track any searches you make. Head to the preference's panel in Safari and you can make this your default search engine. If you download the extension you additionally get special features such as searching within a website and more.


This nifty tool enhances your search experience by allowing you to see websites without actually clicking on them. Downlaod the HoverSee extension and you can preview website content by just hovering your mouse over the link. You can see links, images, and content in a miniature version. If you are searching for a professional site this is a great way to weed out any bad looking sites from the list. This unique tool also allows you to hover over links for Vimeo or YouTube so you can preview results. Save some time and add this nifty tool to your favorites list Safari.


This is a great handy tool for those who read websites with search results or lists quite frequently. Pressing next page every three or four links can get tedious, but with Autopagerize when you get to the bottom of the page the next results or the rest of the list automatically repopulates. This helps you avoid the wait time of reloading and keeps you moving along. If you often search for obscure things this tool can be the best way to quickly find what you want instead of spending hours on a task sifting through information.


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