Top 4 iPhone Sports Apps


If you are a sports fan then there is always a game in season regardless of the time of the year. With today's busy schedules however, it can be hard to keep up with all of your favorite sports teams. Luckily, now there are plenty of sports apps that you can download for your iPhone so that the scores are just a click away. Here are just a few of the top sports apps that you are going to want to add to your favorites list iPhone. This way you always know what is going on even if you don't actually have the time to watch along.


First up on the list is theScore which is perfect for those who just want the basic statistics and game updates. You can find out the score of any game by the second with this easy to use gap and an event calendar allows you to turn on which games you want alerts about. You can also sign up for alerts about players or teams so that you receive notifications about any big plays or breaking news about them. Plus, when you have some free time you can read over the statistical breakdowns of just about everything sports related. The real bonus that should keep this in your favorites list iPhone is the fact you get all of this for free.

ESPN (formally known as Sportscenter)

Of course, you cannot talk about sports apps without mentioning the ESPN app which is pretty much the top source of sporting news around the world. You can find breaking news, scoring information, and plenty of professional analysis on the app. Plus, you can customize your experience by listing all of your top teams an players so that you get the news you want. If you also subscribe to cable then you can live stream many shows and games, but even without you can watch some top plays in replay.

CBS Sports

If you are a fan of NCAA basketball or PGA golf then you will want to make sure that you download CBS Sports. The app offers score updates and stats for any type of sport or league, but as the officially broadcaster for the PGA and NCAA events you can access a lot of on-demand video for highlights of all of the events. The app even has CBS Sports Radio built into it to listen to live broadcasts during your spare time when you can't watch.

Yahoo Sports

Rounding out the top sports apps that you will want on your favorites list iPhone is the Yahoo Sports app. Yahoo rebranded its old Sportacular into a much more user friendly interface that is now fun to surf. It can sync from PC to phone pretty easily and is customizable so that you get updates for all of your teams, players, and franchises. Plus, while you are checking in on the games you can also check in on your fantasy teams making it a one stop shop.


Never miss a point again when out and about by keeping in touch with these top sports apps for the iPhone.

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