5 Key Tools To Help You Stay Focused While Working Online


Do you perform most of your daily work tasks on a computer? Whether you work in an office downtown or you submit your documents remotely from home, it can be helpful to have a few resources on hand to help you stay focused and organised while working online. These tools can help you keep your most frequently visited websites in one convenient location and allow you to stay on task so that you may get more accomplished each day.

Here are five essential tools that you can use to help you stay on-track while working online.


Having a digital calendar on your phone or laptop can help you stay on top of your busy schedule. But if you are constantly saving events on more than one device and need a way to sync them all together, you can use CalenGoo to help. This app allows you to connect the calendar that is on your Android phone with your Google calendar so that you will be sure to receive all your alerts whether you save them while at work or on the go.


If you own an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, you will want to install the powerful app Things. This program will help you take control of your to-do list by breaking down your most complex tasks of the day. By converting your tasks into smaller chunks, you will actually get something accomplished. Each day, Things presents you with a checklist so that you never forget what you need to do. You even have the option to print out your list or share it digitally with a group.

My Favourites Toolbar

The My Favourites Toolbar allows you to save your favourite articles for late on Android devices. It helps to keep all of your necessary links in one convenient location. And you can use this program on your smartphone or tablet so that you can take your links with you wherever you go. If there are several URLs that you visit on a regular basis, you can create an easier way to access them no matter what type of device you are using when you install the My Favourites Toolbar.


One of the most difficult things for us to manage is our time. It seems that we never have time to get everything we want to accomplish completed each day. If you find that the majority of your tie is spent managing your business instead of getting work done, you should use the Freckle program. This is a Web service that works like a personal accountant to help you manage your time and the many projects that you have in mind. Will you have the time to complete that complex new project, and the budget to pay for the expenses? Let Freckle figure out the details for you.


Another reason why we tend to have more work left over at the end of the day is because we are typically distracted by other forms of digital media such as the TV or social media websites. RescueTime is an app that works with your PC to record the amount of time you spend on everything from working on your Word document to watching videos on YouTube. Each time that you switch to open a new window, the app resets the clock, but still, keeps a tally which shows you how much time you really spend in other areas of the World Wide Web.


Here are five essential tools that you can use to help you stay on-track while working online.

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