3 Quick Tips to Help Optimize Windows 10


If you're looking for a few great ways that can help you to optimize Windows 10 we have a lot of surefire, lightning fast tips that can help you to maximize your experiences and personalize them the way that you want.

Whether you are just starting with Windows 10 or you had Windows 7 for a long time or even Windows 8 and you're not sure about the Windows 10 upgrade, there are a lot of great tips that you can use to help maximize your experience. With changes to the start menu and gaming features in Windows 10 and even the Contana integration, you'll find that the start menu is one of the most helpful areas where Windows 10 has changed significantly, so let's start there.

1. Increase your launch time when you start up your computer

Want a rapid fire start-up? In one of the first ways to help optimize favorites, Windows 10 has a great new feature that can help to increase the start time because they can actually slow down the launch of other applications that are opening so that way you can get on the internet a lot faster.

Using this resource will help you to not have to worry about all of those annoying apps that have to be loaded and you can always add those on later on. Do the following:

  • To disable the start-up delay section, you're going to press Windows + Run or R and this is going to start the Run menu.
  • Next you are going to type in regedit and then you're going to hit enter and this will take you to the registry key. If you don't see this, or you can actually do is just go in and hit the serialize key or hit new > key and you can call this the serialize key.
  • Then you are going to make a brand new d-word value. This will be startupdelayinMsecand then you can set the start up time to zero. You could also change it to one second or two seconds. That way when you start up you can get right online and back to the project you were working on without all those annoying apps having to delay your start time.

2. Remove the annoying task bar

Another great tip that can help you optimize favorites, Windows 10 has a taskbar search option that can be disabled. Ready for this fast fix?

All you have to do it when you're in the taskbar and you see it on the screen is to right click on it and then you're going to select search and under that you're going to select show search icon and then you can disable it. This will remove it from the screen in front of you. Done!

3. Quickly access your power user menu

To help optimize favorites, Windows 10 has another great feature that you'll love and this is an easy way of getting access to the power user menu. To enable this all you have to do is hit the Windows key + X and it will launch your power use your menu. That way you can quickly access the power user menu and the features that are available if you want to use advanced windows features.

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