4 SUPER Easy Ways to Optimize Favorites: Safari


Want to optimize your Safari favorites faster than a speeding bullet? Of course you do. It saves time! Use these easy tips to help you to organize your favorites and you’ll find that not only can you readily find all of your favorites at a glance, but your system will run more smoothly and your pages will load instantly!

1. Keep the Safari up to date

Depending on the version of computer that you’re using, if you’re on a Mac OS then you may find that you have to keep your JavaScript update to current. To do this, go to the JavaScript site and select ‘Check for updates’. You can also go to Safari and select ‘Check for updates’. If you don’t, this can slow down your favorites when you try to load your saved sites. You can also ensure that you have the OS X for Mac OS that’s current.

2. Delete your Safari cache

Don’t let your cache slow down your computer. It’s like kryptonite to your favorite searches! If you find that your computer is slow, chances are your Safari cache may need to be deleted. While you might still be able to save your favorites, you may run into lag times when you try to open them. Your cache is actually bits of information that’s stored on your computer and comes from all of the pages that you open – even the incorrect ones!

For lightning speed load times, delete the Safari cache by selecting the tools option on the Safari website and then empty the cache from the Safari menu.

3. Create folders for your favorites

If you’re saving a lot of web sites, chances are you have a streaming list of hundreds of sites that you want to come back to. Trying to find one of your favorites can take a long time because they are in no apparent order.

The easiest way to organize your favorites is to set up folders at you designate for your particular searches. To do this, in Safari, press the ‘Bookmark’ tab then select ‘Edit’. You can add folders, change them, delete them and even rename them. You can also add sub folders by adding a name to the second line that’s under the folder name.

4. Use the smart search field - It’s like x-ray vision!

To use the smart field search, when you start typing any of the words from the URL that you had saved into your favorites, your system is setup to help to ensure that it’s going to give you a pop-up of the most relevant suggestions based on Google searches, as well as what’s within your favorites history.

 That way you don’t have to scroll through that long list of hundreds of favorites that you saved. Just start typing what you think the site name mightsound like and watch it suddenly pop up!

 The next time you go to Safari, not only will you be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you will find your favorites right away. You will also be able to navigate your sites more and readily access your favorite pages.

For help if you are missing the favorites toolbar, or if you find that you can’t get back your favorites, check out our other great articles.


Learn how to optimize your Safari favorites faster than a speeding bullet.

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