Simplifying Life with the Chrome Favorites Bar


With people being as busy as they are today, it makes sense that people are looking for ways to simplify their life as much as possible. After all, no one wants to spend hours sitting around on their computer trying to figure out how to get something done. There are too many other things to do in life, so why stress over things that are far simpler and less complicated than ever before thought possible? Many people use their Chrome favorites bar as a way to keep all of their bookmarks organized and neatly in place.

While one browser might be simpler to use than another, Chrome is actually far less complicated than what you might think. Even if you have never used Chrome before, it is actually quite simple. Many people have their favorite browser and tend to stick with it on a regular basis. Making the switch to another browser isn't always easy for some. Whether it be that you are stuck using the same browser out of habit or you simply aren't used to other browsers, you need to give it a shot to see how much of a difference a new browser can make in your life.

The Chrome favorites bar is one of the most convenient tools to use. It allows you to keep all of your items neatly organized and out of the way. There is no reason why all of your favorite websites should be scattered all over the place when you can keep them conveniently organized. A favorites bar allows you to classify all of your favorite items into various folders and keep them neatly tucked away for later access. Instead of having to wander around aimlessly searching for your favorite website, you can go to one of the folders and have it in mere seconds.

However, none of that is going to do you any good if you don't know where your Chrome favorites bar is located. You need to make it visible to prevent driving yourself crazy searching for it. While Firefox might have the favorites bar right there from the start, the one in Chrome is automatically hidden. That means that you have to make it visible for you to begin using and sorting everything properly. Thankfully, the process is actually quite simple.

Start by clicking on the lines button (settings). Then, you need to select bookmarks. Finally, click where it says show bookmarks bar. It really is that simple. If you want to make things even simpler, you can always use shortcuts on your keyboard. Simply hit Ctrl + Shift + B and you are all set. Now that you know where to find your Chrome favorites bar, you can save yourself a lot of hassles and headaches along the way to organizing your computer favorites. For those who haven't tried using Chrome in the past, there is no time like the present to give it a try and see how much of a difference it can make for you.


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