2 Simple Steps to Make Outlook Favorites Uniquely Yours!


Outlook is a great tool that many people have; many businesses in the professional world utilize Outlook within their company and there are many people that have Outlook on their home computers as well. While it is a program that is used by many, it's safe to say that there are a lot of folders that you will have that you need to use quite often. If you are like most, you have your favorite folders that you use… but there are some that don't know how to officially set up their favorite folders.

When you add a folder to your Favorites you are ultimately creating a shortcut for that folder. Adding a folder to your Favorites in Outlook is quite simple… there are some easy steps that will allow you to get your frequently used folders into your Favorites and having a shortcut created. While you're in Outlook you need to go to your Navigation Pane; once you're there click the folder that you want to have added to your Favorites. Once you do this, click on the Folder tab and then you want to click in the group that says Favorites. Once you do that you need to click on the option that says Show in Favorites! You've just added that folder to your favorites. If you don't want to do that you can simply right click on the folder of your choice and then click the option that says Show in Favorites… either way you end up with the same results! Your folder is now a part of your Favorites! If you do this with all of the folders you use often you'll be ready to organize your Favorites! These two easy steps will allow you to do that with ease!

  • You're able to organize your folders that you have in your Favorites anyway you want them. Anytime that you add a folder to your favorites it will show up at the bottom of the list. To change the list that you have created and have it organized how you want it you need to first click on the folder.
  • Once you have clicked on the folder of your choice all you have to do is drag the folder you have clicked on to the new place that you want it to be in. If you do this will all of your folders and organize them in the position that you want them in you have just organized your Favorites folder!

When you have your favorite folders organized in Outlook it makes it a lot easier for you to access the folders that you use the most! You have just created a shortcut for your most used folders. Having these folders put in a specific order that makes it easier for you to use can be a huge time saver for you and it can save you a lot of energy when you are trying to find the folder that you need! Organizing your Outlook favorite folders isn't a hard task; two simple steps and you're good to go!


Set up your favorite folders in Outlook to make it yours.

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