Simple Steps to add Favorites to your iPhone


Adding favorite websites

With an iPhone, you can add all your favorites contacts, websites, or even Apple Maps. Your iPhone OS menu is not just for apps. Use it to bookmark as a way to create one-touch shortcuts to your best websites. The process of adding your favorite websites is quite simple.

  • You open your Safari browser on the phone and load a website that you want to pin to the home screen. Note that you can opt for any website you wish, not only the home page of a particular page.
  • Hit the "Share" button – a square button with an upward arrow located on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Touch the "Add to Home Screen" button. After that, a preview screen shows a web address, site name, plus the app icon you want to add to your iPhone homepage. At this point, you can modify the icon's name but not the icon image itself or the URL.
  • Hit "Add" and you are done- the website will appear on your iPhone's home screen.

You can recover lost favorites menu in your Safari through that simple process.

Adding favorites to Apple Maps

In case you use Apple Maps on your iPhone to move around and have noted certain places you want to visit, you can use those locations as Favorites in Apple Maps. Anytime you want to go to that place, you tap its name on the Favorites and then hit Directions. This is convenient way especially if traveling in a route with several stopovers. Follow these simple steps:

  • First, identify a location by typing its details in the search button. It responds by popping a small map with directions to the location.
  • Second, hit the Heart icon or the Share button at the top-right of the screen. The tap "Add to Favorites".
  • A new window pops up with the suggestion to edit the new favorite label. Hit the "Save" button which adds it your favorites.

You can view your favorites, by searching it in the Search field. Moreover, you can remove locations from your favorites by hitting the "Edit" button and tapping on the red circle.

Adding favorites on the contact list

People you contact frequently ought to be on the favorite list for easy of accessing their names when calling or sending a message. You just need to identify particular contacts you want to add from the "Phone" menu.

  • Hit the "Phone" icon from the menu and then go to "Contacts."
  • Scroll along the contacts tapping the names you want to add to your favorite list.
  • Hit the "Add to Favorites" button located below that particular person's contact information.
  • If the contact has several phone numbers tap on the numbers, you wish to add to your list.
  • Always follow the procedure for each contact you wish saved in Favorites list and in case you Favorites List is missing simple steps will help you recover.


Apple has embraced new technology in enhancing features on the iPhone’s menu such as favorites, a feature that simplify its use.

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