4 Essential Ways to Save Your Favorites for Later on iOS and Mac


Whether you're a first-time visitor or a daily regular on a website, it can be really difficult to keep track of all of your favorites. It's annoying to type in the same websites day after day and remembering those that you saw months ago but really need to visit now. Below are some suggestions on essential ways that you can optimize your favorites and make sure the sites and articles you love most are only a simple click away.

1) Bookmark the site

This one is obvious, but for some people, they may forget. On most web browsers, you can click on an icon or a drop down menu to bookmark the page you are on. Then, the next time you want to visit the website, just click on your bookmarks and find the website. It's easy and simple.

2) Organize your bookmarks

One smart idea for optimizing your bookmarks is to organize them. You can do this in several different ways. One is to make folders for different topics. For example, say some of your favorite websites were YouTube, ESPN and your local newspaper. If you had folders for your bookmarks, you could put YouTube in the "Entertainment" folder, ESPN in the "Sports" folder, and your local paper in a "News" folder. Then, whenever you come across new favorites that you want to save, simply bookmark them in the corresponding folder. When you want to get back to them, just click on the folder it's in and click on it. This can be useful for keeping your bookmarks tidy and easy to find later on.

3) Save articles for later

If you want to save your favorite articles for later on OS and Mac, simply create a folder for things that you want to get back to at a later time. Maybe you don't have the time to delve deep into the 1200 word article or you need to reference it later. If you create a folder called "To do", you can put those pieces in there and then once you have read them either move them to a more permanent folder for long-term keeping or delete them from the folder. This makes searching for the articles you want to read most faster and doesn't waste your time searching for it again later on.

4) Double check your links

When saving a website, it's best to look at both the page you're bookmarking but also the title of the bookmark. Make sure you are on the right part of the website that you want to bookmark, whether it be the actual landing page or specific section. It's only a few clicks you'd be saving, but those add up if you spend a lot of time on those favorite pages. Likewise, edit and rename the title of the bookmarks if it is confusing or something you wouldn't remember. Title it something you'll recognize and that actually explains what the page is. This can also be helpful when sorting links alphabetically.


Here are some essential ways that you can optimize your favorites on iOS.

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