5 Best Safari Hacks, Tips, and Pointers for iPhone


If you love your iPhone like we love ours, then you want all the tips and pointers you can get so you can navigate all your settings and optimize your features - like a pro! With tips and hacks on extensions, fonts, tabs and favorite icons, here are a few great ways you can use Safari tools to help you get more done. For maximum efficiency and to increase your productivity, be sure to try these easy tips.

Let's take a look...

Use Extension Auto-Text Help

Getting online is great and having extensions that are built-in is even better. Safari has easy extensions that can help you auto-fill your .com and .org addresses to speed up your searches. Here's how to set it up:

Change Your Font Type and the Font Size

Whether you're reading an article or you just want to change the layout of your online content, you can easily change the font type and size. Here's how to do it:

Reorganize Your Tabs

If you want to reorder your tabs or close them, this is an easy step. Here's how to change your tab order:

Access Your Tabs Remotely

If you are at work and need a tab you have on your laptop or phone at home, you can access it from the iCloud. This feature is available if you have the iCloud on more than one device. Here's how to access your sites remotely:

Go Online in Full-Screen Mode

To help optimize your view, you can change any site to full-screen mode. Here's how to set this up:

Want more tips and tools to help you with your iPhone and its many features? Be sure to look for our other articles, tips, and pointers. We have all kinds of ways to optimize your searches, work with favorites and get you online fast so you can enjoy your Safari favorites. Bye for now!


Here are a few great ways you can use Safari tools to help you get more done.

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