4 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Favorites ASAP!


If you're wondering why all your friends are scrolling through their phones at lightning speed while still trying to find that one favorite that you know you say you can't find, they're probably using these tips. For the best way to optimize favorites, Android has a few great if that can help you so let's get started.

1. Move all your favorites onto your home screen

Adding and removing apps can help to increase the speed that it takes to open your device.

To add apps: Tap on the all apps icon and then you can select the apps or the widgets that you want. Then touch and hold on the icon that you want to create a shortcut for it and you can drop and drag it onto your home screen.

If you want to remove your apps: Just hold down an app or widget and then you will see where the word remove will pop up and then you can just drag and drop the app into the trash can or you might see an 'X' with an adjacent trash can.

2. Create folders rename them, and even remove them

An easy way to navigate your device is to use folders. You can use these for your favorite web sites and other different types of information such as emails and even contacts.

To create folders: To make it easy for you to navigate with your apps, touch and hold on to any app that you have that's available that you want to move and then drag it over to another app and drop it on top of the app. When you do this, it is automatically going to create a folder and the two apps will appear in that folder together.

Next, give the folder a name and that way you can sort all of your apps and favorites into one organized folder - or several, such as all your travel information, all of your recipes, or all of the LOL and MEME moments that you want to share with everyone! We know, right?

3. Edit the bookmarks and folders that you have

Need to navigate your websites faster? Of course you do! The easiest way to do this is to add a bookmark or folder.

How to add and edit bookmarks:

Just go to the page that you like and then when you're ready to make a bookmark tap the menu button and then you're going to select save to bookmarks. Once you do you can change the label. If you want to put it into a folder click okay and then you can select save it to bookmarks or you can select add to a folder and you can then add it to an open folder. On to the next tip, and this is big...

4. Run a quick backup to save your favorites

To make sure that you save your favorites, it's helpful to save your data by backing it up. All you have to do is run the app settings and then you're going to tap backup and reset under the header personal.

Next, you're going to confirm that the backup my data and automatic restore tabs are deselected, so make sure. That way you can have all of your information saved and you don't have to worry about losing your favorite apps and your favorite bookmarks.

For more great tips and fast ways to help you with your apps and ways to navigate your favorites, check out our other great articles on pointers like what to do if your favorites toolbar is missing or how to reset your favorites toolbar if you deleted it.


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