3 Powerful Ways + 1 BONUS Tip to Optimize Favorites IE 11


Tired of scrolling through pages and pages of favorites? It seems like it’s almost faster to just start a new search on the item that you were looking for. Lo and behold, we have a better way!

Use these powerful tips to help you to organize your favorites and you will find that not only can you find them faster, but they’ll be more organized and you’ll be more efficient. Don’t miss our BONUS tip at the end – It’s a lifesaver you need to help you get organized now…

1. Share your favorites between your laptop and mobile device

A great way to help you to organize your favorites is to share your favorites between Mobile Internet Explorer on your mobile device and Internet Explorer on your desktop or laptop. That way your favorites will be organized on both of the sites and you can view your favorites whether you are on the go or at home on your computer.

To do this, open Internet Explorer and press the Windows key + Z. Next you’re going to click Add to Favorites and then you’re going to click Add to confirm your entry. Make sure you synch your changes so they will be relevant on your mobile device and home computers.

2. Arrange your favorites to keep them in order

If you have a recent version of Microsoft Windows 8 or if it’s Windows 8.1 and you’re running Internet Explorer 11, there’s another way that you can save your favorites and this is to set up the folders that you want to help save your sites in specific ways. Your bookmarks are actually in a random order or you may find that your favorites are just saved by the date you saved them, so again, no specific order.

To do this in a preferred window view, you’re going to open up Internet Explorer and then on the top right side of the screen, click on the star symbol, and that’s going to take you to your favorites menu. Select ‘Add to Favorites’ and then on the top right side, select ‘Organize Favorites’.

Using this particular feature, you can click on and reorder the specific favorites that you have. You can also create subfolders in this area which is quite helpful especially if you have different tasks and different areas where you want to save your folders so you can readily find your favorites.

3. Save your favorites and sort them by name

Another great feature you can tap into is to sort of your favorites by name. To do this, follow the instructions we gave you in #2. Once you select ‘Add to favorites’, you will then select ‘Organize favorites’. You can then select ‘Sort by name’. Once you select that option and you click on it, you will find that your favorites are now organized by name and this can help you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that this is only going to show you the first name of the entries you have in your favorites, so if you have hundreds of Wikipedia entries saved, you’re still only going to see all of the headers under Wikipedia.

Tip: To help you save your information in folders that you can readily recognize, when you get ready to save an item, try giving it a name that’s going to be the header for your particular folder. For example, name your folders something that you will remember like ‘Stocks’, ‘Personal’, or ‘Travel’ and that way once you get ready to save a favorite, you can put the word ‘Stocks’ or ‘Travel’ directly in front of the link so that you can readily access it from the appropriate folder that you need! Yup! It’s that simple…

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Use these powerful tips to help you to organize your favorites in IE 11.

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