5 Opera Mini Browser Secrets Unlocked: Fast and Helpful Hacks


Whether you're new to Opera Mini for your phone or you've been using it for a while, if you are still unsure about the tips and tools that you can use to optimize your searches and settings, then you can benefit from these easy hacks and tips. Opera Mini is one of the best browsers for smartphones that has easy to use toolbars and settings to optimize your searches. Use these tips to help you navigate faster and get more stuff done!

Block Unwanted Ads to Increase Page Load Times

Getting online is great when your pages load fast. If you find that there's a delay, here's an easy way to block unwanted ads because on your phone, you can't always tell what is slowing your page loads down. Just do the following:

Remove Ads from Running on Any Website

When you open a site, all of the articles and videos will start to run as these are likely sponsored content. The problem is they use a lot of bandwidth and they can slow your page loads down, eat your memory up and use a lot of CPUs. Here's how to remove them:

Stop Facebook Notifications

Change to Single Column View

To help you browse all kinds of screens, you need to change to single view. This can help if you're on a site not optimized for mobile devices. Here's how:

Select a Wi-Fi Option to Download Large Files

To save on your bill, you can change your download settings to only add large files when you have a dedicated wi-fi connection. Here's how:

Want additional tips and assistance with settings and features? Be sure to look for our other articles, tips, and pointers to help you explore all kinds of fun Opera Mini favorites settings.


Use these tips to help you navigate faster and get more stuff done in Opera Mini.

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