Managing Favorites Files in Windows 10


It is quite useful to add often-used folders to your Favorites depending on how busy your favorite's folder is. For instance, you probably have your important documents, pictures, music or downloads. In addition, you may have stored files from shared networks, work accounts business, as well as folders from cloud storage platforms. Every folder has a different use; each is significant and is not always quickly accessible, which can be at times annoying.

Favorites or Quick Access takes away your daily file-searching frustration by leveraging on the pinned file feature on the favorites pane, making the whole idea of favorite files even more significant. The more you frequent certain folders, Microsoft makes the files rise higher within the particular Quick Access folder.

The Favorites navigation bar is divided into two halves, one containing files and the other for folders. Depending on your use, various folders or files will rise or drop depending on the frequency of visit which changes over time.

To add folders to Favorites, you just need to pin them on the favorites bar by right-clicking and then "Pin to Quick Access". To remove the unwanted folder, simply right-click on it and click "Unpin from Quick Access". Similarly, you can drag and drop a folder into Favorites bar, immediately pinning it in place throughout Windows 10. How Favorites display frequently used folders, files, and pinned items isn't important, unless you are concerned about your privacy.

Adding and removing favorite locations

Favorites in Windows 10 allows timely access and also termed as "Quick Access", but also work in a similar way just as in other Windows- 7 or 8. It is easy to add your favorite location that you frequently visit. Go to the folder you wish to add, then right-click on Favorites icon and click on "Add current location to Favorites." Moreover, you can as well drag a folder to Favorites.

You can also remove files from Favorites because, by default, Windows 10 includes some favorite locations for the user without their consent. Some of the default locations include Recent Places, Downloads, Desktop, or Recorded TV in case you use Windows Media Centre's Live TV. Right-click on the default location and choose "Remove" from the background menu.

Finding missing Favorites in Windows 10

In Windows, after pinning favorites to Quick Access they can go missing. At times they lurk in old favorites folder, but upon finding any right-click on it and choose "Pin to Quick Access."

Importing Internet Favorites

Windows 10 installation comes with a Microsoft Edge web browser a quick browser and compatible with most web pages. On your Microsoft Edge, tap the "Ellipsis" to display the drop-down menu, and move down to "Settings". Next, tap on "Import favorites from another browser" preference. Then select the browsers you want to import and tap the "Import" button. The import process takes a few seconds and upon completion, all of your favorite websites appears as favorites.


Windows 10 comes with favorite unique features to help users easily and well organize file on their PC.

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