4 Key Ways to Optimize Your Favorites - Fast!


Having all of your favorite websites saved in one area is great, but not when they're not in order! You can scroll through a few times and quickly grow frustrated because you can't find what you're looking for. Sometimes it feels like it's easier just to do a search all over again to find the website you need. But not anymore! We have 5 key ways you can optimize your favorites fast!

To organize favorites, Safari gives you a variety of different options to help you with sorting your bookmarks. Use these five tips to help you to quickly streamline your bookmarks to find exactly what you want right away every time.

1. Organize your bookmarks alphabetically

The easiest way to do this is to drag the bookmark folder over to your desktop. Select the 'finder' feature and then you can open your bookmark folder.

Next, you'll select 'List view'. You can then drag the bookmark folder back into your bookmarks area in Safari. This will give you a new bookmark folder that's organized from A-Z.

2. Organize your Safari bookmarks into different folders

For another way to organize favorites, Safari can help you edit your favorites into simple to view folders. To do this, it's really easy - just like adding a bookmark.

Click on the 'Bookmark' icon then press 'Edit'. You can now change the folders that you have and add more folders. When you're finished organizing your folders, just press 'Done'.

To add a folder, you can tap on the 'Bookmark' icon andselect the tab 'New folder', and then add as many folders as you need to.

3. Delete old bookmarks and rearrange your current ones

Another great way to organize your Safari bookmarks whether you're on a Mac or an iOS device is to actually go in and delete some of the older bookmarks that you have or change how they're laid out.

You can always rearrange the bookmarks and then as you create new bookmarks you can label the folders and save be content to the top sites that you want to reference based on the name you give your folders.

To do this, select the 'Bookmark' Tab, and then click on 'Edit'. Once you do, you can delete your old bookmarks; you can make changes to them, or rearrange them.

4. Create subfolders

If you have already created folders and alphabetized them, try making subfolders to help you organize them further. The benefit is you can quickly route information that's stored and you'll be able to reference the sites you need ASAP!

To create subfolders, once you select the 'Bookmark' icon, you can then create a new folder and give it a name. Look for the second line that's right under the folder's name. You can add a subfolder name here. For example, your folder might be 'Mom's Files', while your subfolders might be Recipes, Travel, Favorite Stores, and so forth… That way you can quickly access your information instantly!

With different ways to quickly organize favorites, Safari makes it easy for you to store all of your favorites and keep track of them. For help on hiding or moving your favorites toolbar or if your favorites button is missing, look for our other great articles that can help you with optimizing your favorites.


We have 5 key ways you can optimize your favorites fast!

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