3 Ways to Organize Chrome Bookmarks and Favorites Toolbar


If you are one of those people who enjoys using Google Chrome as an Internet browser then you want to make sure you know how to organize your bookmarks to make them easier to locate and understand. There are three popular ways that you can organize your bookmarks to help yourself with any task.

How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks: Option One

1. Click on the Menu button at the top of your toolbar in the browser

2. Click to select the Bookmarks Tab and slide over to select Bookmark Manager

3. Open the Bookmarks Manager tool so you can see all of your bookmarks at the same time.

4. From here you will have the ability to look at the folders that are automatically created by the browser

5. You can open folders and move files around from one folder to the next. You are also able to create or delete folders from this page.


How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks: Option Two

1. When you decide to bookmark a page you can organize the content

2. Click the star next to your URL in order to create a bookmark from the webpage that you are on

3. Click the star again to edit the bookmarked page

4. You can remove the bookmark, edit the name, create tags or notes and even sort the bookmark into different folders

5. After this you can create a Bookmark bar to store your frequently used pages on your taskbar

6. The bookmarks on the bar will be sorted into folders which can also contain subfolders depending on your organizational pattern

How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks: Option Three

1. You can organize your bookmarks through your mobile device as well as on a computer

2. Sign in to your Google account to access bookmarks that you have created from your computer as well as your mobile device

3. Click on the three dots at the far right of the screen to open the 'More' page

4. Click on the star at the top to create a bookmark

5. You can click on 'Bookmarks' to see the bookmarks that you have already created on the mobile device and on your computer

6. There will be a pen icon on your screen which you can use to edit bookmarks

7. Click the pen and 'x's' will appear above the individual bookmarks you have created. These can be used to delete a bookmark you no longer want

8. You will be able to use the hand tool to drag bookmarks from their current location into different folders and subfolders

9. If you click and hold a specific bookmark you will open a smaller menu with options to edit or delete that bookmark specifically.

10. Editing the bookmark will allow you to change the name or other information related to the bookmark

Chrome Bookmarks Managing your Favorites Well

Each of these methods is going to allow you to keep your bookmarks organized and easily accessible. You are also able to alphabetize your bookmarks if you would like even more organization and you can sort them into folders however you choose. You are allowed as many folders and subfolders as you want.

You can also download a bookmark organizing extension which will help speed up the process and get you the organization you want without having to do all the work for yourself. Consider this if none of the previously mentioned methods seem to work for you.

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