5 Great Ways to Optimize iPhone Favorites: #3 is our Fav!


Have you created your favorites list on your Apple iPhone? What about rearranging your favorites and hiding those naughty pics? There are a lot of great ways to optimize favorites! iPhone has easy features to help you so let's get started.

1. Create a Favorites Phone List (Speed Dial for your BFF)

You can actually go in and take your favorite contacts from your address book and then put them into a favorites list. This is an easy way to make a speed dial for your phone and it will help you to find them right away.

To do this:

2. Rearrange Your Favorites (Out with the old in with the new)

In case you want to change the order of your favorites, you can rearrange them on your phone in order of importance or how much you call people.

To do this:

Check for tips here if you lost your favorites toolbar?

3. Ways to remove favorites (Off with your head!)

Another great feature to help optimize favorites: iPhone has it set up for you can easily remove favorites - but don't tell them they're no longer on The List!

To do this:

4. Find your favorite deleted photos

Lost a deleted favorite photo? Another great thing that you can do with your iPhone is find your favorite deleted photos. iPhone actually keep your photos for up to 30 days.

To find your old favorites:

5. Hide your naughty pics (and show the nice ones, or vice versa)

Have those Rated-Rrrrr pictures you don't want anyone to know about? Another great tip is to hide your sensitive photos.

To hide your pics:

For additional help & tips with finding your favorites toolbar or if you find that you deleted your favorites toolbar, check out these other great articles!


There are a lot of great ways to optimize favorites! iPhone has easy features to help you.

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