Google Mozilla Toolbar and Your Favorites


Google Toolbar for Firefox has been discontinued.

That's the message you see when you try to go to the page that once held the Google Mozilla Toolbar download page, including the version for Mozilla Firefox. What was once a very popular and helpful Mozilla add-on stopped its development at Firefox 4 and is no longer compatible once you evolve to Firefox 5 and beyond.

If you can't survive without having the Google Toolbar for Mozilla, we've figured out a helpful workaround. Check it out.

Downloading the Toolbar

You thought you were doing yourself a favor by keeping up to date on your Firefox versions, but what you were simultaneously doing was cutting yourself off from downloading the Google Toolbar for Firefox. Since you can't download the Google Toolbar add-on from Firefox 10 and higher, you will have to use this method to snag the file.

  1. Use this User Agent RG extension to change the User Agent (UA) on your version of Firefox to trick it into thinking that it's an older version.
  2. Select Firefox 4.0 from the available versions. The change is temporary and Firefox will revert to the proper version once it is restarted.
  3. Download the Google Toolbar
  4. Install the Google Toolbar file
  5. Restart Firefox and check that the installation was successful

Installing the Google Mozilla Toolbar

To install the Google Mozilla Toolbar with a recent version of Firefox, you must start with the browser's compatibility page. Follow these steps:

  1. Type about:config into the URL bar of your Mozilla browser
  2. Find and double click on extensions.strictCompatibility to change the selection to be "True" (fourth column from the left)
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Install this Compatibility Reporter Add-on

Once you have followed that set of instructions, you will face one of two situations. Choose the appropriate one to finish your Google Firefox Toolbar installation.

Add-on not installed yet

  1. Download the Google Toolbar from here
  2. Go to File > Open File (or drag the downloaded .xpi file into Firefox)
  3. Click Restart. Once restarted, the Google Toolbar should be visibly installed.

Add-on is installed, but not activated

  1. Restart Firefox
  2. Go to Tools > Add-ons and turn Google Toolbar on. A checkmark will appear beside the Google Toolbar selection when it is on.

Still not working?

Mozilla is constantly upgrading their browser offerings, meaning the instructions above may need some reinforcement. When that happens, follow these directions.

  1. Type about:config in the address bar.
  2. Right click on and empty area and then New > Boolean value.
  3. Rename the extensions.checkCompatibility.XX (with the XX being the version of Firefox you have installed)
  4. Set the value to "False"
  5. Set the extensions.strictCompatibility value to False.


  1. You must force the compatibility of add-ons using the Compatibility Reporter Add-on mentioned above.

    Even if the Google Toolbar status is set to "Incompatible", it will work normally if you turn it on through the Tools > Add-ons command.


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