Getting the Most out of My Favorites Toolbar


Using your toolbar on your computer is a great “tool” for everyone. If you have certain websites that you visit on a regular basis, save them to your toolbar for future use. It makes accessing those sites much easier and faster..

And if you have so many of them, you can create folders for them. Even when you have multiple users on a computer, everyone can have their own folder. So you can group them into categories like work, school, games, bills, and whatever sites or things that you follow on a regular basis.

I have a friend that, when she got her computer, she used to save everything on her desktop.  It was a cluttered mess!  You could not find anything. I introduced her to my favorites toolbar and all that clutter disappeared.

Every browser has a way to add sites to your toolbar, so it makes no difference if you are using Safari, Windows Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. In fact I use different browsers for different things, there are certain browsers that are better for games versus getting crocheting patterns online.

Besides keeping your favorite websites in my favorites toolbar, you can download customer toolbars that give you up to date weather, news, or shopping bargains. You can also download other tools in your tool bar like antivirus protection, when you download some of them, they give you a toolbar to access the different functions of keeping your computer safe, with reminders to pop up to assist you in keeping bad files out of your computer.

Discount shopping toolbars can be downloaded to advise you on sales you cannot resist. You will get pop ups telling you , hey check this out. Then of course, you also have the standard access to tools that are on your computer from the toolbar.

We utilize toolbars at work, with links referencing information that we need to complete transactions, and informational links on where to locate special information. Like Company Events, Billing, Downloads, HR, Links to websites that we use every single day.

I recenly found out, they have toolbars on browsers on your smartphone. Most all the big companies have a download for a browser to use with your smartphone, chrome and mozilla are the most common. And they allow you to book mark pages and save pages to access at a later date.

You should try to get the most out of your My Favorites Toolbar.  Some people memorize everything, and other use toolbars to mark important sites and information that they need to survive. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for personal reasons, work, or community related, but your toolbar helps organize your online life.  Who needs all that clutter?


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