3 Fun and Simplistic Ways to Organize Your Favorites in Android


We know that there are some people that prefer Android over iPhone… and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! To each his own… and whatever you prefer to use then you can use that. No matter what you prefer to use, you want to make sure that you're getting the best out of your device! One thing that many prefer to do is to use their favorites; while this may be something that many are already accustomed to, there are some that may be considered a novice and may need help in accessing things. If you have favorites that you like to get to, it can be set up to where you can have them put in an organized manner, especially with your Android. Here are three fun and simplistic ways that you can organize your favorites in your Android!

  • One of the best ways that you can organize your favorites for your Android is to get The Contacts app. This app will give you the most instantaneous access that you can imagine to all of your contacts, even those that you have saved in your Google account. This app is easy for anyone to use; it will place your contacts in a list and it even has a search option that is located at the top right portion of your screen. You can add contacts with ease by using the Add Contact button that is at the bottom right of the screen! Once you have your contacts in, you can put them in any order that you would like to have them in!
  • Another way in which you can have your contacts organized in your Android device is to customize your contacts. Your device has what is called the more menu button. This looks like three vertical dots; when you tap on this part of the screen you can then select the option that says contacts to display. This will let you select the contacts that you want to have in your favorites and which ones you want to have displayed there! Those that you don't want to have on instant display aren't shown there, but of course they are still in your contacts to choose from! And this doesn't just go for your favorite contacts; you can use this for your favorite apps as well! It's a great way for you to access everything that you like to utilize on a regular basis with ease and comfort!
  • There are also other apps that you can download to your device that aren't already on your Android device that will help you organize your favorites. You will be able to find the right app for you and one that will be able to fit all of your needs when you are looking to organize your favorites. There are a lot of apps that you will be able to find that you can download that take your contacts, your social networks and other vital information that you use frequently to have your favorites at.

These are a lot of great and easy ways that you will be able to organize your favorites with your Android!


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