Steps to backup and restore by browser

Even though there are several third party programs that allow you to manage your favorites, you can manually manage them right on your browser's interface. All of the major internet browsers allow you to not only manage your favorite bookmarks, but also allow you to backup and restore them in a pinch. Here's how you can recover, restore, and backup your favorites on your favorite browser.

We'll begin with I.E. Favorites (Internet Explorer is the favorite and native internet browser for Windows users. it comes preinstalled in most Windows machines.)

IE favorites

How to backup IE Favorites (Internet Explorer Version 9 and later)

You have now backed up your I.E. favorites. If you ever reinstall Internet Explorer, or experience a corrupted browser, you can easily restore your favorites.

How to Restore IE Favorites bookmarks


Firefox Favorites

How to backup Firefox favorites

How to Restore Firefox Favorites

Note, that backing up favorites will remove any current bookmarks with this backup file.


Here is a great article on 3 ways to organize your Chrome bookmarks and how to better manage your favorites.

Chrome Bookmarks

How to backup Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome makes it seamless to not only backup your favorites, but also your installed extensions and themes. You can do so by tying your Gmail with Google Chrome. When you login to remote devices like a Chromebook, you can have access to your favorite bookmarks by logging in with your Gmail account. To export your favorites for safekeeping, you can do so by exporting your bookmarked favorites to an HTML file.

How to Restore Chrome Bookmarks

As mentioned, The best way to restore your favorites is by signing into Chrome and syncing your bookmarks.

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