Favorites Menu Missing?

Comprehensive Guide to Recovering Lost Favorites Menu (Multiple Browsers)

Compiling a list of "favorites" and organizing them in the browser's menu is an ongoing process and an important tool for saving time. Many years worth of resources are likely saved within the browser's "favorites" or "bookmarks" features. Whether the menu has been accidentally deleted or the there was a glitch with the browser, when users suddenly discover that their favorites menu is missing, it can cause panic. Depending on the browser, the process of recovering the menu may be a simple process or may be more technical, but in most cases, the menu is recoverable.



Recovering Lost Favorites Menu in Chrome

The engineers of the world's most popular internet browser failed to add an "undo" option, allowing for the sudden deletion of the entire Chrome bookmarks list with one accidental click of the mouse. These step by step instructions may be followed for menu recovery:

Step 1: Do Not Close and Reopen the Chrome. - Chrome automatically saves a copy of bookmarks on the computer's hard drive when Chrome is closed. However, each time the browser is launched, the file is overwritten. If you have already closed Chrome, do not reopen the browser.

Step 2: Launch Windows Explorer. - Open Windows Explorer and type the following address into the address bar:

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Remember to replace NAME with the name used for the Windows account.

Step 3: Determine Which File is Correct. - A pop up window will appear and will display a list of files. A file named "Bookmarks" and one named "Bookmarks.bak" will be displayed. The .bak file will be the most recent bookmarks file. If neither of the files contains a .bak extension, an additional step will have to be taken.

Click on the "Organize" menu and select the "folder and search options" tab. In the "Folder Options" window, there will be a "View" tab. Uncheck the box for "Hide extensions for known file type." Once this box is unchecked, the .bak file should appear.

Step 4: Restore Bookmarks. - Close all Chrome windows that are open and delete the "Bookmarks" file. Rename the file with the .bak extension as the new "Bookmarks" file. When you relaunch the Chrome browser, the complete bookmarks list will be completely restored.

Note: Glitches have been known to occur when Chrome is used on Android devices. If the Bookmarks still exist on the Android device, but not on the desktop, there is a solution.

Recovering Lost Favorites Menu in Internet Explorer


For the ever dwindling population of web surfers who are still utilizing Internet Explorer, it is possible to inadvertently delete the favorites menu bar. These step by step instructions may be followed formenu recovery:

Step 1: Click "Add to Favorites". - On the left hand corner of the browser, is an "Add to Favorites" button. When clicked, a drop down menu will appear with several options.

Step 2: Import File. - One of the options in the drop down menu will be "Import from file." When the radio button is clicked, there will be a prompt to click on "next" which will open another list of files.

Step 3: Select the Correct File. - One of the files will be "Bookmark.htm." There will be a blue Internet Explorer icon next to this file. If this option is not available, the file will need to be imported from Windows backup files.

Note: If the computer does not have a backup file, restoring the "Favorite's List" will involve theediting of the operating system's registry. Altering the registry may result in the serious damage of computers, if performed incorrectly. It is recommended that a professional be contacted if the previous steps have been performed and the Internet Explorer favorites are not recovered.


Recovering Lost Favorites Menu in Safari

Safari allows for the Favorites Menu to be recovered fairly simply using Time Machine:

Step 1: Locate Finder Tab. - When the Option key is clicked in the Finder Tab, select "Go" and then "Library." Note: Keep holding the "Option" key down in order for "Library" to appear.

Step 2: Select the Correct File. - Open the Safari folder to find a file named "Bookmarks.plist." Safari saves this file which contains bookmarks.

Step 3: Launch Time Machine. - Click on the Time Machine icon. Review the Time Machine files in order to locate the "Bookmarks.plist" file that was most recently saved.

Step 4: Restore Bookmarks. - Click "Restore" and then click "Replace the current file."

If attempting to recover Safari bookmarks from an iPad or other Apple device, there are a few options:

Recovering Lost Favorites Menu in Firefox

Users of Firefox will have fewer steps to take in order to recover the Favorites Menu:

Step 1: Go to "Bookmarks". - Click on "Bookmarks" and select "Organize Bookmarks." The browser's Library will then appear.

Step 2: Import Bookmark. - Click on the "Import and Backup" link.

Step 3: Restore. - Click on "Restore" and the menu will display a drop down menu. Click on the most recent version of the "Favorites List" and the menu will be restored.

Note: At times, the Bookmarks icon on the navigation toolbar will hide with seemingly no action on the part of the user. When the full width menu bar is displayed, the bookmark icon will automatically hide. When the menu is switched back to "compact," which uses the orange Firefox button, the bookmark icon is displayed again.

Recovering Lost Favorites Menu in Opera

When users of Opera get overzealous about deleting bookmarks, recovery is a fairly simple process:

Step 1: Open "Opera Bookmarks." - Once opened, all of the bookmarks related setting will display. To open, type opera://bookmarks in the address bar and press enter.

Step 2: Trash Folder. - Select the "Trash folder" from the left side navigation and all previously deleted bookmarks will appear. Click on the "Import and Backup" link.

Step 3: Undo Delete. - When the cursor is hovered over the deleted bookmark titles, an option will appear to "Undo Delete." When clicked, the bookmark will be restored back to the bookmark toolbar.

Recovering Lost Favorites Menu in Avant

Avant is know to have parts of the browser functions be hijacked by other apps. When bookmarks disappear suddenly check the following:

Step 1: Go To Tools. - Once opened, select Avant browser options and then miscellaneous.

Step 2: Check Bookmark Favorites - Is the option, "Use IE favorites as bookmarks" checked or unchecked? If the box is checked, uncheck it and then refresh to see if the bookmarks appear again. Conversely, if the box is unchecked, check it and refresh.

With the help of these restoration tools, lost or hidden favorites menus and bookmarks may be recovered and restored. It is always best to create back up files of favorites menus on a weekly basis to prevent the loss of important resource materials.



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