How to Find My Favorites' lists when Gone

There are times when your favorite list disappears. Losing the favorite list is frustrating because it also slows you down when trying to access your regular sites.

However, when the list disappears it is not entirely lost.


Recovering 'my favorites list' can be tricky but you can start by checking your file system to see if you accidentally moved the file. If it is not moved, check in the recycle bin. If you did not delete the file, try to restore it from the backup if you have one. In case all these options are not available for you, you may use data recovery tools or proceed to recreate it from scratch.

My Favorites List on Google Chrome is Gone

Google Chrome always stores the file on your computer, and it is named Bookmarks. Always check your recycle bin as the first place to make sure that you did not accidentally delete the file. If the file is in the recycle bin, right-click on it and choose restore to get it back. Chrome also stores a backup file named Bookmarks.bak for all bookmarks. These backup files are located under your Users browser on your hard drive. To locate these files, set your Windows Explorer to: Show Hidden Folders, Files, and Drives.

My Favorites List in Windows Vista is Gone

 In Windows Vista, you set it by first launching Windows Explorer.

  1. After launching, click on Organize followed by Folder and Search Options.
  2. Proceed to view and click on "Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives."
  3. Then follow the prompt that states 'for recovery of favorites click here'.

Then, you should navigate to C: Users\{Your User Name}\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. Check if both bookmark files are there.

If they are present, rename the main file as Bookmarks.old because it may be unusable and corrupt. The plain Bookmarks should be named as Bookmarks.bak and the backup file will become your new 'My Favorite' file.

My Favorites list on Android Gone

All Android phones have a Favorites icon that takes you straight to your Contacts page quickly avoiding going through many menus. This icon is more often accidentally deleted. However, since it is just a shortcut link, accessing the right locations on your Android device can restore it easily and quickly. First, get into the "Add to Home Screen" menu.

This is achieved by tapping and holding the home screen. A menu will then pop up prompting you to add items of your choice to the home screen. In this instance, your main objective is to add a shortcut thus tap on Shortcuts followed by Dialler. Then, tap on Favorites and if you are prompted, confirm your choice. You can restore your favorites by tapping and holding a blank section of the screen depending on your Android device. Then, select Folder and scroll down where you find starred and select it. By doing this, a folder will be positioned on your home screen, and it will contain all your favorites that you had previously "starred".

My Favorites List on Blackberry: you guessed it... Gone!

The Blackberry browser has no 'bookmarking your favorite websites' feature. It functions just like the traditional browsers by storing URLs on the device for future use and reference. It is advisable to synchronize your Blackberry with your computer if you are using the Blackberry Desktop Software. The software creates a backup for your favorites list. If your favorite list is missing on your Blackberry, then you can restore it by connecting to your computer and using the Blackberry Desktop Software.

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