5 Fast Ways to Customize Your Outlook Favorites


If you are looking to optimize favorites, Outlook has a lot of great ways to add and delete your favorites and optimize your Outlook for more speed, so let's get started...

1. Change the order of your favorites screens

If you don't want to see all of your favorites folders right on one screen, you can change the order to minimize the navigation panel and that way you have a long vertical strip to look at.

To do this:

2. Add and customize favorites folders

If you want to add favorites and change the names of the favorite folders that you have, you can actually change them to make them high priority, follow up, or another name.

To do this:

3. Disable the add-ons that you don't want

Because plug-ins can slow down you being able to open your favorites, you may want to change the settings.

To do this:

4. Archive your old favorites contacts and emails

The benefit in doing this is you don't have a slow load and you don't have to go in and select each individual favorite contacts that you have or the email from your favorites. When you archive automatically, this can keep your system running faster and you can easily retrieve the items that you need any point.

To do this:

5. Combine your PST files

If you find that your Outlook is running slow when you're trying to open your favorites, you may want to combine and compact the size of your PSD files on your Outlook.

To do this:

This can help to speed up your Outlook especially if you're trying to check out your favorites!

For more tips, if you can't find your favorites toolbar, or if you deleted your favorites, check out our other great articles today!


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