5 Edge Secret Tips Unlocked for Microsoft Users


Edge users everywhere love Microsoft tips. That's because when you have the Microsoft Edge as your browser, then you know you're working with one of the best online browsers that can speed up your searches and optimize your efficiency at school or at the office.

Use the following tips to help you optimize your browser settings and when you need more tips, just check our other articles.

In this article, we will explore the favorites bar, default search engine changes, opening pages with Explorer, working with Cortana, and Caret browsing.

Let's take a look...

Show Your Favorites Bar

If you want to get online faster, you can add your favorites bar to your home page. This is an easy way to always have the favorites bar accessible. Here's how to add it:

Change Your Search Engine

Bing. Google. Yahoo. All of these are search engines. To change your default search engine, follow these tips:

Open a Web Page with Internet Explorer

Because Edge doesn't have the plugin for Silverlight, you may not be able to open pages with Internet Explorer. Try these tips:

Check Out Caret Browsing

Caret browsing lets you get online without using a mouse. It's a fun way to explore sites without moving the mouse and cursor. Here's how to turn it on:

Use Cortana's Convenient Features

Cortana is a great way to get information online that you need. If you've never tried it, it's like having a personal assistant that will search the web to answer any question that you have. Here's how to activate it:

Do you want to access more of our easy Microsoft Edge tips and secret tools? With tons of hidden features that you can activate, you can optimize your settings and work with your browser like a pro in no time. See our other articles and tips for help with your Microsoft Edge features and favorites.


Use the following tips to help you optimize your browser settings for Microsoft Edge.

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