10 Edge Hacks To Fix It Now (Shortcuts Included)


Tired of all that scrolling? Hate not finding the websites you need? Chances are if you're using the Microsoft Edge browser, then you can definitely benefit from a few tips and tricks to help you streamline your searches and optimize your settings. You can increase your speed, change the colors, and other cool features to help you personalize the settings the way you want. Edge has fabulous tools to help you create folders and it has easy integration with your old browser favorites, so let's take a look at some of the tools that can help you max out your Edge experience every time you get online.

Hacks. Tips. Tricks. Let's do this...

1. To save new favorites

2. To import saved HTML files

3. To import saved sites and URLs

4. To edit your saved favorites

5. To Retrieve a deleted favorite

6. To edit saved folders

7. To use the advanced settings feature

8. To use shortcuts

9. To restore favorites

10. To change your background color

For more tips and ways to navigate your browser settings or work with your favorites toolbar, please check out our other articles. Bye for now!


Here are tools to help you max out your Edge experience every time you get online.

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