Easiest Ways to Set Up Your Internet Explorer 11 Favorites


Internet Explorer 11 is a great system to have… and those that have it know it! Just like any other service, with Internet Explorer 11 you will find that there are definitely some things that you will have to set up when you initially get it. Undoubtedly one of the first things that many people like to set up when they are dealing with a new program is their favorites list or toolbar. There are a few ways that you can set up your favorites folder.

  1. One way that you can set up your favorites folder is already being on the page that you want to save to your favorites list. So, when you are on the website page that you would like to add all you have to do is hit the key combination of CTRL+D; if you would prefer to use the mouse all you have to do is right click anywhere on the page and a menu will appear… in that menu click add to favorites. A dialog box will appear; you will have the option to save the page name under what the original page is set up as or you can change that name to something else that you would prefer.
  2. Favorite star at the top of your page. At the top of every website page for Internet Explorer 11 you will find a star… it's near the upper right hand side of the page (near the minimize, maximize and close buttons). If you are on the website that you would like to add to your favorites all you have to do is click on the star. Once you click on the star it will turn yellow… another box will appear and you will have the same option to save the website that you are on under the original name or you can give it a unique name if that's what you prefer. Once this is done it will then be added to your favorites list.
  3. Default Favorites Bar at the top of the page. Internet Explorer 11 has a favorites bar that will be at the top of the internet page, but it is hidden from view by default. If you would like to have it displayed at the top of your internet pages you can do so easily. At the top of the page on the toolbar you see right click… once you do that a drop down menu will appear. Simply click on the Favorites bar that you will see there… a check mark will come next to this and your favorites toolbar will appear at the top of the page. Once it's there, you can add a website to the toolbar by being on the website page that you want to save and clicking on the yellow star that has a green arrow in it. This will add the page that you are on to your toolbar. It doesn't automatically give you the option to rename the page, but you can go in and do this as well! All you have to do is right click on the page you just added… a menu will pop up and scroll down and click on the part that says Rename; give it the new name you want and you're all set to go!

There are several ways to save your favorite websites to Internet Explorer 11… once you get started make sure you save websites you like or frequent for easier access to them!


A guide on how to set up your Internet Explorer 11 favorites toolbar and get the settings just as you want them to be.

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