What is the Chrome Bookmarks Manager Extension?

Here are some tips on using the Chrome Bookmarks Extension



The bookmarks manager extension is a shortcut link to the bookmarks manager. The bookmarks manager enables you to view all your bookmarks on one page. Bookmarks manager enables you to effectively display your bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar. The bookmark manager enables you to rename and edit bookmarks, organize folders, order your bookmarks and search all your links. It saves a lot of time that would be otherwise spent clicking on numerous menus and bars.


How to use the Bookmarks Manager Extension

To use the extension you should click on the three gray lines in the upper right corner of Chrome to adjust your settings.

  • Click on the bars for a small white menu to appea.
  • Click on the Bookmarks and a second menu with all your bookmarks will appear. Through this, you can bookmark all the open websites in your browse
  • You may click on the 'Show Bookmark Bar' to display all your saved bookmarks as buttons under the search bar
  • Right-click on any item to rename, copy and paste or edit
  • Click and drag bookmarks to reorder them.
  • Select the "Bookmark Manager" to gain the entire control over all your bookmarks. Chrome will then automatically organize everything into bookmarks bar, other bookmarks, and mobile bookmarks folders.
  • Click and drag to any folder or bookmark that you wish to move. You can click on the folder or organize dropdown menus to add folders or bookmarks. You may also undo previous changes using this menu.

Renaming a Folder in Bookmarks

To rename a folder or a link, right-click on it, or you may copy and paste it into another location

After following these steps, you can use the search bar to search for your bookmarks and all their content. The new bookmarks manager extension enables you to view all your bookmarks as square tiles. These tiles are clickable and can be touched to view and organize. The extensions will enable you to arrange bookmarks in different specific categories.

App Extensions are Downloadable

Additionally, the extensions are downloadable for the Google store in the form of apps. Different bookmarks are set in every app thus you can access the specific kinds of websites you require easily and directly. The extensions will save you a lot of time since you do not need to click even on the bookmarks menu. All you have to do is to click on the downloaded app and you are logged into the specific websites needed.


How to Edit Bookmarks

Through the bookmark manager extension, you can edit your bookmark details, add notes or change their titles. The extensions enable you to add more items on your bookmarks bar by shortening their names. To achieve this:

  • Go to the upper right corner of your browser's toolbar.
  • Then click on the Chrome menu.
  • Click on Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager > Bookmark Manager Extension.
  • Proceed by hovering on the bookmark that you intend to edit.

Hovering on the bookmarks will show a drop-down arrow at the end of the row.

Click on the edit option on the drop-down arrow menu and then edit the name or web address of the bookmark that you wish to change.

To delete or move these bookmarks, you can follow the same procedure. Additionally, the extension has an option of reordering whereby you can arrange your bookmarks and folders using alphabetical order.

Sync your Bookmarks

Bookmarks manager extensions enable you to synchronize your bookmark lists between all your devices. Since they can be uploaded into your Google or Gmail account, they can be downloaded and synchronized into any of your devices that you use to access your Google account. Also, the extensions boost security since they enable you to set up custom folders that are secured and not easily deleted.


How to use the Bookmarks Manager Extension in Google Chrome

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