5 Best Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook


Most people think of Microsoft Outlook as an email client and nothing more, but the truth is that you can have a lot of fun with your Outlook if you show some initiative. There are a lot of plug-ins out there that will allow you to make your email experience much better. If you want to change the way you do things check out these excellent plug-ins. They will change the way you email and likely learn a spot of recognition in your favorites folder in Outlook.


This incredible plug-in allows you to basically take control of Outlook and make it your own.s You can add things such as self destructing messages, schedule your emails for sending, email reminders, create custom themes and plenty of other great tools. Best of all, you can do all of this for free which defeinly means that MxHero is an app to tell others in your faorites folder in Outlook about.

Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in

Sometimes while typing an email you may realize that you need to convey information on the spot because an email may not be timely enough. When this happens, instead of switching platforms you can use the Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in to send a SMS message to almost any mobile phone. Simply connect your mobile phone to the computer and you can even forward messages from your email via an SMS. By using one device you can save a lot of time.

Outlook Password

The average person has 17 passwords between all of their software and devices. The standard security recommendation is to change passwords between accounts so that you cannot be hacked as easily. Most people end up locked out of their device or software at some point because this is almost an impossible memorization task. This is where Outlook Password comes into play as a top member of your favorites folder in Outlook. The plug-in can track all of your passwords so that you never find yourself facing a password challenge again.

Email Scheduler

Last but not least on the list of top Microsoft Outlook plug-ins is the email scheduler, which can help make your work day at least appear more productive. If you are like most people you probably are running in ten different directions and may not even get to emails until late at night. However, instead of appearing like someone that is up working at midnight ,set your emails to send first thing in the morning and instead look like someone who uses their morning wisely.


Make your email work for you by installing the five best plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

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