5 Awesome Ways to Maximize Your Favorites


Let's face it. Mobile devices have changed over the years and if you haven't taken note of the new ways to update and manage your favorites, you might feel lost or left behind.

In the list below you'll find some of the best ways to organize favorites. Android makes it easy and you'll find by creating folders or minimizing all the apps that open, you'll increase your speed and find all your favorite contacts right away - So let's get ready for awesomeness!

1. Keep your closest contacts in an easy to view favorites list

Why is your boss's name always first in your contacts? Maybe because boss starts with the letter B?

One of the easiest ways to turn your contact list into a powerful list of people you want to get back to is to create a top favorites list. Yup, you can select the top contacts that you regularly keep in touch with and view them in one separate area.

A super fast way is to go through your Gmail account. To edit your contacts through your Gmail contacts is the perfect way to help you to sort through your contacts and you can edit and make groups.

2. Organize the most frequently used websites that you access in one place

Remember that one site from about a year ago? Of course you don't. Now you don't have to worry about all that scrolling - unless you really like strong thumbs! Create a folder to sort your favorite saved websites into.

To do this, create a new folder in your phone and give it a name. You can then direct your saved sites into that folder. Be sure to give it a name or a title such as Travel or LOL because it's really important stuff.

3. Hide apps that you don't generally use

Tired of app clutter? You can help to speed up how you're able to access your favorites - ASAP.

To do this use the menu button and then select settings. Next, access the application manageroption and this will let you change the list of different apps that are opening on your device. That way you can turn off and disable the apps that you're not using.

4. Change the app view setting

If you haven't heard of it yet, you have an app drawer on your device and you can actually moves around the different types of apps that you're saving. That way you can view your favorites right away and stop app surfing.

To do this, open the app drawer by pressing on the menu button and then you'll be able to select the menu. Once the menu appears, you can choose the settings and make the changes you want. You can also select from options such as edit, create folder, uninstall or disable apps. Ahh, life just got app-ier!

5. Sort your notification panel icons

If you haven't checked this out, it's really great feature! What it does is it helps to create shortcuts for your Wi-Fi and GPS and things that you commonly use like Bluetooth and other settings so that way you can quickly access your favorites. So let's make it happen...

Select the settings tab, then device and then go into your notification panel. For older Android devices you can select settings, my device and then display and notification panel and make the changes that you want.

See? Totally awesome changes. For more like these you definitely want to check out our other articles for help if you lost your favorites, or what to do if your favorites toolbar is missing.


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